When I Go on a Fishing Trip with My Grandma, I’m Always Prepared with Fishing Equipment

Whenever I go on a fishing trip with my grandma, Im always prepared. Shes been fishing for a long time, so she always expects me to be completely ready when I go out on her boat with her. We each have our own fishing rods, and we each have our own bait. She actually prefers to use live bait, while Id rather not touch that.

Once were waiting for fish to pull on our lines, we talk about what happened the previous week and reminisce on old stories. She loves to talk about the past, and I dont mind it, myself. We also like to brew some tea on the boat while were waiting. In addition to my grandmas fishing equipment, the boat is equipped with a kitchen, too!

The Pocket Fisherman By Ronco for Fishing on the Go

My father is a fishing fanatic. Whenever he is driving down the road, he'll get distracted looking at the lakes and rivers that we pass as he wonders whether he could fish in those waters. Of course, his fishing pole can't come with him everywhere that he goes, so he cants really jump out of the car and fish wherever he sees a place to fish.

However, he is going to be able to go fishing just about anywhere after Fathers Day. I bought him the pocket fisherman by Ronco as a gift for Father’s Day. This is a handy little fishing pole that folds up to just about pocket-sized so that it can be transported easily. It has everything that you need to fish when you're on the go and can't bring your fishing pole